Knowledge, experience and serenity with you through pregnancy and birth.

About Me

Hi I am Sonia. I’m originally from France but have been living here in North London since 1998. I had an interesting career working in art galleries but after the birth of my daughter in 2007 I became interested in learning more about breast feeding and retrained as a lactation consultant. I’ve worked both privately and for the NHS. I think it was supporting new mums on postnatal wards that fed my interest in becoming a birth companion and doula. I began to read about the subject and found Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin. It’s an incredible book and one I still recommend any pregnant woman to read however many times she has given birth before. It opened my eyes to what a difference properly supporting women can make to their experience of childbirth and how helping reduce anxiety can dramatically lower the risks associated with birth. I’ve also experienced this first hand. I feel so lucky that I had both my children here in London where there are so many different birthing options available to women but I know too that so many choices can also be overwhelming and that some can seem hard to access. In 2007 when I had my daughter my experience of labour was long and difficult, two years later armed with more support I gave birth to my son in the peaceful, calm environment I wanted.

I really believe every woman should be supported, listened to and nurtured as she gives birth so I decided to become a doula. I began to go to conferences and then managed to train under Michael Odent and Liliane Lammers.

I am also a volunteer birth companion for Birth Companions, a registered charity, which means I work on a voluntary basis with vulnerable women.

It’s amazing to be able to help women at such an incredible time in their lives. I’m fully qualified and have had the privilege of witnessing many babies journey into the world but I never stop learning and being curious. This is really part of my philosophy and leads me to continually advance my skills and seek out new ones. I love learning, going to conferences and courses to keep up to date and being even more inspired.

I am also a trained hypnobirthing teacher and baby shiatsu practitioner.

This means I can offer pre-natal training, support parents through labour and, if wanted, work with them afterwards supporting their feeding choices and helping them settle into family life. 

Sonia Doula


KG Hypnobirthing

I offer hypnobirthing classes to help you prepare for labour. Hypnobirthing is a gentle, woman-centred approach to birth that promotes a calm and relaxed labour. It helps couples to release their fears and have a more positive attitude to birthing. You’ll learn more about the process of labour so that you feel informed and empowered. Hypnobirthing helps labouring mothers feel serene and confident whatever their circumstances and so be in the best place to welcome their baby. I will teach you relaxation and breathing techniques to help you feel peaceful and work with your amazing body. This course will also reassure expectant fathers so they feel confident about the birth process and know what they can do to help and support their partner. This knowledge will help whatever kind of birth you have.  Knowing how to relax can also help you as you face challenges after the baby has arrived.

Birth Doula

My goal is to ensure every woman I work with has the right to decide the way her baby is born. She chooses the path and I support those choices unfailingly.  I aim to give women the best start in their new life as a mother by encouraging, supporting and nurturing their journey, no matter how many times they’ve trodden the path before.  Each baby is unique, each birth is unique and each mother is unique! 

Lactation Consultant

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and I have been working with families in this field since 2007, I have worked in hospital and have run a community drop-in service for the NHS but I am now offering private home visits. I have helped hundreds of women breastfeeding. I understand that every mum and baby are unique and I can give tailored information to fit you specific needs.​



Alok, Agathe and Aniska

Sonia was extremely friendly and she put me at ease as soon as I met her. She was exactly what my wife needed but I soon realised how much of a support she was to me as well. She gently guided us in the right direction, never taking desisions for us, but rather helping us to make the right choices by presenting all possible outcomes and methods. I really liked how she got us new literature each week to help us learn more and get confident with home and natural birth. Sonia was calm, collected and generous with her knowledge, never patronising or judging and she treated me as an equal to my wife with regards to this pregnancy. On the day of birth she was very helpful at the same time mindful of our space and she was with us every minute we needed her and always just within the reach but not obtrusive in any way.